Anel Rainbow Sortido Safiras e Brilhantes

R$22,400.00 Ex Tax: R$22,400.00

Anel Torcido

R$43,900.00 Ex Tax: R$43,900.00

Brazilian Stone Hoop Earring

R$16,670.00 Ex Tax: R$16,670.00

Brinco earcuff gemas e Brilhantes

R$46,900.00 Ex Tax: R$46,900.00

Brinco Rainbow Pendurado com Safiras Mistas

R$21,700.00 Ex Tax: R$21,700.00

Ear Cuff Colored Stones

R$17,700.00 Ex Tax: R$17,700.00

Ear Cuff Fancy

R$35,600.00 Ex Tax: R$35,600.00

Earring Colored and Shiny Stones in White Gold

R$33,900.00 Ex Tax: R$33,900.00

Earring Colored Stones in White Gold

R$41,500.00 Ex Tax: R$41,500.00

Emerald and Rubies Open Hoops Ring

R$11,400.00 Ex Tax: R$11,400.00

Medium Hoop With Colored Stones

R$16,500.00 Ex Tax: R$16,500.00

Mix Sapphire and Diamonds Ring in Yellow Gold

R$12,500.00 Ex Tax: R$12,500.00

Necklace with Brazilian Stone

R$5,900.00 Ex Tax: R$5,900.00

Open Hoops Ring with Emerald and Sapphire

R$19,800.00 Ex Tax: R$19,800.00

Pulseira gemas coloridas e Brilhantes

R$45,500.00 Ex Tax: R$45,500.00

Pulseira Riviera Rainbow Pedras Brasileira

R$19,600.00 Ex Tax: R$19,600.00

Riviera Rainbow Necklace

Preço sob consulta Ex Tax: R$61,300.00

Sapphire & Diamond Mix ring

R$14,900.00 Ex Tax: R$14,900.00

Sapphire and Diamond Rainbow Ring

R$16,800.00 Ex Tax: R$16,800.00

White gold Kunzite and Diamond ring 1,54ct 17,0g

R$44,500.00 Ex Tax: R$44,500.00

White gold multi gemstone bracelet

R$34,200.00 Ex Tax: R$34,200.00

White gold Sapphire Diamond mix sun earring

R$28,300.00 Ex Tax: R$28,300.00

White gold Tanzanite Emerald earring

R$14,100.00 Ex Tax: R$14,100.00